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We believe the biggest advantage over other apartment complexes however is that we are located in a safe and convenient location in the city. Even better is that this area is within rolling distance of nearly every service  and/or establishment necessary to live independently.

Even better is that this multi-family neighborhood is  aesthetically pleasing, well-manicured and alive with friendly people.

Sassafras Apartments is located in Southwest Springfield and has offered quality apartments since 1994. With an emphasis on accessible spaces, Sassafras has earned a reputation for excellence in housing... however that's not all we do.

Whether you're looking for an accessible apartment with the amenities that make life a little easier or wanting individualized support services, we offer both with the recent addition of an In-House support service.

Sassafras Apartments

                                                                               Specializing in Accessible Living

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Our In-House support services are provided by Burrell Developmental Services. Once qualified through DMH... any assistance you are eligible for to assist in your independence may be acquired through this recently added service or through a provider of your choice.

Our In-House Service staff members are trained specifically to assist you with daily living that may include in-home support, help with appointments, shopping, or simply getting out into the community.